Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather covers. The Upholstery subject covers four elements common to most upholstered items
1- The frame
2- The support system
3-The cushioning
4-The covering
The purpose of the subject is to equip learners to work as an upholster in order to make furniture more comfortable to use. The purpose of this qualification is to develop learners who, after completion, demonstrate the ability to:
1- apply safety rules, housekeeping and personal safety in a upholstery workshop.
2- Prepare and perform the precovering upholstery process.
3- provide cutting lay requirements for upholstery fabrics.
4- Prepare final covering for prepared upholstery frames.
5- Carry out upholstery repairs to damage furniture.
6- Covering prepared frames using basic upholstery hand tools.
When the learner reaches their 4th year in upholstery their knowledge is of such a level that they will be able to understand the full process of upholstery. They will then be equipped to be part of a changing society being able to function as a upholster in their society.