Hairdressing is the creative activity that involves chemical and non-chemical reconstruction of the hair.
This is a profession that has been practice since ancient times. it is a profession that constantly changes which means that the hairstylist should always be updated with the latest development.
Hairdressing requires a trained subject specialist and is preferred that the hairdresser is an artisan in the subject field.
This qualification enables learners to develop towards becoming professional hairdressing.
It is important to develop a strong foundation in this skill which build and open doors for creativity. This foundation of basic skills, techniques and creativity will enable unlimited services to clients.
At Axios school of skills we ensure that that our learners interested in hairdressing are thoroughly equipped to enter the hairdressing industry. The school ensures that the learners get the maximum education in this skill. They provide the necessary resources to get learners to feel as if they are part of a hairdressing developing their skills and techniques to be a stylist in our community.
The learners are exposed to hairdressing competitions, salon visits, client days to the public and charity events where they apply their skills to make someone feel special through their skill.