Hospitality studies is a skill subject offered at Axios school of skills. Hospitality studies contain various interrelated themes in the hospitality industry such s hygiene, nutrition, menu planning, food production, food and beverage services, guest relations and client service.
Learners join the Hospitality industry at grass roots level, undergo in-service training and skills development throughout the program. Professional skills are developed at Axios school of skills to ensure learners work themselves up in the work place or other entrepreneurial activities such as vending, selling street food, catering or any other creative way to ensure an income.
The hospitality studies department strive to develop the learners. professionally we do this by exposing our learners to events, like our annual excursions to hotels, restaurants and the good food and wine show.
We also reach out to the community by hosting our senior groups at school for an afternoon of pampering in collaboration of workshops in the soft skills department.