How to apply to the school

 Schools identify learners in need of specialized support in collaboration with the
parent and School Based Support Team (SBST).
 The SBST completes applications to the Schools of skill by making use of the SIAS
Pathway. These applications are then submitted to the District Office.
 Officials at the District Office sift through applications to make sure that they are
completed correctly and that the right learners have been referred to the
relevant supporting institution.
 Applications are then sent to the different schools of skill. The school’s then have
the opportunity to also screen the applications and select possible candidates.
Please note: All schools have a limited amount of spaces available to
accommodate new learners. An application does not guarantee placement.
 The possible candidates and waiting list candidates are then identified at a
Sifting meeting. The meeting is attended by a representative from Head Office,
our districts ISLES Head, our Senior psychologist, DCES Learning Support, as well
as some of our psychologists and learning support advisors. The decision made
by this group is final and will be submitted to the Director of Specialised
Education Support for final approval.
 Once final approval has been received from Head Office, parents will be notified
of the Outcome of the Application process.